Social mobilization in Georgia: Samegrelo

Women’s unity is a very powerful force.Samegrelo is an example of how women assert this power. When an initiative for social mobilization was launched by UN Women and the Taso Foundation, active women gathered together and initiated a whole whirlwind of new enterprises with their civic activism. Through such effort, they inspired a lot of young people with their motivation and got them involved in the pursuit of improving the lives in their community.Today, in the villages of Samegrelo, where the social mobilization activities take place, members of the community are more motivated and filled with a sense of solidarity. They are actively involved in community life and participate in the activities of planning future initiatives.UN Women Georgia introduces you to women who do not shy away from difficulties or taking small steps towards big changes on a daily basis.The video was prepared in the framework of the UN Women project “A Joint Action for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Georgia” supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs".