Women in AI: BTU and UN Women launching new project


The presentation of the project Women in AI. Photo: BTU
The presentation of the project Women in AI. Photo: BTU

According to the data of the National Statistics Office of Georgia, the participation of women in information and communications technology (ICT) in Georgia has not exceeded 22 per cent in the past 10 years, while during the 2021/22 school year, only 343 girls (16.42 per cent) were mastering this profession. Such low involvement can be explained by a lack of awareness of this field and by gender stereotypes, which continue to divide professions into women’s and men’s work.

Considering this reality, UN Women, with the support of the Norwegian Government, is actively working to increase the involvement of women and girls in ICT and continues to promote the sharing of relevant knowledge and competencies for them.

After the successful project “500 Women in Tech”, which was implemented in cooperation with Business and Technology University (BTU) and partner ICT companies and drew unprecedented interest, UN Women, together with BTU, has planned another initiative: “Women in Artificial Intelligence” (Women in AI). The project will continue to strengthen and promote the participation of women in technology. Within its framework, 200 women from all over Georgia will be selected and then trained in artificial intelligence and web development for nine months.

“Artificial intelligence is a global technological trend. As in other innovative fields, low participation of women in this direction is observed all over the world. Women do not receive enough education in the field of artificial intelligence and are not sufficiently involved in the workforce. Therefore, this project is important in order to give women an opportunity to get innovative, in-depth knowledge, to develop skills in the direction of artificial intelligence and, accordingly, to strengthen the involvement of women in this field,” noted the rector of BTU, Nino Enukidze, at the presentation of Women in AI, which took place on 21 December.

Anyone over the age of 16 from all over Georgia can participate in the programme. In order to participate, interested persons must fill in an online registration form and pass English language, logical thinking and technical competency assessment tests. Registration will continue until 5 January 2024.

The immediate implementation of the project will begin on 1 February 2024.

Women in AI is part of the Women’s Economic Empowerment component of the UN Women project “Good Governance for Gender Equality in Georgia”, which is supported by the Government of Norway.