Manual for gender equality action plans for higher education and research institutions

გენდერული თანასწორობის გეგმის შემუშავების სახელმძღვანელო უმაღლესი საგანმანათლებლო დაწესებულებებისა და სამეცნიერო-კვლევითი ინსტიტუტებისთვის - ყდა

This manual for developing gender equality plans is based on Gender Equality in Academia and Research (GEAR) tool by European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) and represents its adapted version for Georgia.

The manual includes specific guidelines, recommendations and useful resources for higher education institutions and research organizations for developing, implementing and monitoring gender equality plans.

This manual was prepared by the UN Women Country Office in Georgia within the framework of the joint UN Women and Government of Norway project Good Governance for Gender Equality in Georgia.

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