Regular dialogue with representatives of civil society organizations on the Geneva International Discussions continues


The participants discuss Women, Peace and Security issues at the meeting. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The participants discuss Women, Peace and Security issues at the meeting. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

UN Women continues supporting regular information-sharing meetings on the Geneva International Discussions (GID). The main goal of these meetings is to support women’s meaningful participation in the processes, including taking into consideration their needs and priorities. One such meeting was held on 18 December 2023 in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with 18 non-governmental organizations in attendance, including the representatives of women’s civil society organizations.

The main objective of the meeting was to exchange information on the outcomes of the 57th, 58th and 59th rounds of the GID, in particular the integration of the Women, Peace, and Security agenda into the processes. During the meeting, the participants discussed the continuation of the GID process, the policy of the Government of Georgia in terms of the peaceful resolution of the conflict, and the current challenges. In addition, the conversation covered the importance of considering the gender perspective in the negotiation process, which Georgian participants give a significant priority to.

During the meeting, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lasha Darsalia, spoke about the severe conditions affecting safety and human rights in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia, the steps taken by the Government of Georgia to resolve the conflict peacefully, and the current challenges faced, as well as highlighted the significance of women’s participation in the process.

Zviad Zviadadze, Head of Department of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Former Autonomous District of South Ossetia and Civil Integration, the Office of the State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality, and Irakli Antadze, Deputy Head of the Information-Analytical Department of the State Security Service of Georgia, shared information on the issues covered by humanitarian and security working groups and answered questions from the representatives of civil society organizations.

Marina Pochkhua, co-founder of the IDP Women Association “Consent” and one of the meeting participants, remarked: “We have to explain to the people living in the villages along the dividing line how they should act in certain situations so that they can better overcome challenges like illegal detentions. We, the non-governmental organizations, are ready to work with government organizations and provide the local population with prevention strategies and survival tips to inform them of what is best to do in certain situations.”

Regular information sharing meetings on the GID are organized in the scope of the UN Women project “Accelerating Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Georgia”, which is generously supported by the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund of the UK Government.