Diversity, equity and inclusion for a decent work environment


Group photo of the participants. Photo: The Association of HR Professionals in Georgia
Group photo of the participants. Photo: The Association of HR Professionals in Georgia

Diversity, equity and inclusion are important not only for the creation of a decent work environment but also as an important determinant of business success. Global experience proves that diverse teams play a special role in improving business results, public life and the economy. That is why this topic is one of the most urgent issues in the modern world for the private sector, investors, donor organizations and even simply consumers.

In recent years, the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion has grown in Georgia, so UN Women, with the support of the Norwegian Government, has expanded its cooperation with the private sector in terms of gender equality and has also emphasized diversity and inclusion. From the very beginning, it became evident that there was a need to share relevant knowledge and experience with the private sector. Therefore, UN Women, together with the Association of HR Professionals in Georgia, developed a diversity, equity and inclusion certificate programme for human resource management specialists. The programme, whose goal is to help professionals in creating an equal and dignified work environment in their organizations, already has 47 graduates. On 23 May, certificates were given to all of them in an awards ceremony.

“In order for equality and diversity to become a natural part of our everyday life in tomorrow’s reality, the existence of such courses is very important,” said graduate Mariam Farnishvili, an employee experience management specialist at Tegeta Holding. “The environment we live in constantly instills in us unconscious biases, and it is often very difficult to discover and overcome them on our own, [so] talking about all of this out loud is a huge step forward. For me, as a participant of the course, and for Tegeta as a company, it is of the utmost importance that all employees know that the involvement of each of them is crucial for us, and from now on we will talk about it even more loudly and actively.”

The certificate programme is 10 days long and is based on a guide created by an international expert. Together with HR professionals, human rights defenders and labour experts also participated in its creation. The programme allows participants to learn more about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, to see more clearly their own role in implementing these values, and to acquire and strengthen the skills needed to realize them.

The initiative is part of the Women’s Economic Empowerment component of the project “Good Governance for Gender Equality in Georgia”, which is implemented by UN Women with the support of the Norwegian Government.