Women’s Rights Evidence-based Advocacy Manual


The manual has been developed under the UN Women project “Innovative Action for Gender Equality in Georgia” (IAGE) funded by the EU. The objective of the project is to adopt and implement relevant policies and legislation to address specific healthcare, social and economic needs of women from excluded groups in Georgia. The specific objective is to support women’s initiatives aimed at confidence building and social stability through addressing healthcare, social and economic needs of women who are national minorities, imprisoned, IDPs and/or conflict-affected and also women living in remote mountainous areas in Georgia.

One of the expected outcomes of the project is the empowerment of gender equality advocates and women’s rights activists in order to advocate for integration of the needs of vulnerable groups of women and girls into relevant policies and legislation.

The objective of this manual is to contribute to the above effort. It builds on the results and recommendations of the study conducted in 2013. Capacities for advocacy of 41 women’s organizations working in nine regions of Georgia were studied within the framework of the mentioned study. The manual recognizes the experience of authors; a considerable amount of publications, different innovative practices and lessons learned worldwide are analyzed. It also reflects the information obtained during the trainings conducted in February, 2014, with the participation of 54 civil society organizations working on women’s rights advocacy in Georgia.

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