Gender Mainstreaming - a Practical Guide for Public Servants


The manual is produced to support the efforts towards gender mainstreaming into all work of the Georgian government, at central and local levels. It is intended to assist new and ongoing reforms of decentralization, public financial management and good governance/human rights through the tool and logic of gender mainstreaming. The manual will assist public servants to achieve both internal (organizational) and external (developmental) goals of their respective sector work.

The manual will support all staff working on the development of policies, laws, strategies and programs at central as well as local levels.  The manual can be used to help working through all stages of planning and budgeting of their sector, as well to support institutional development. In particular, the manual will support the work of policy planners and gender specialists at all levels.  Also, it will assist budget specialists and human resource experts.

It can equally be used as training guideline for future capacity building on gender mainstreaming. It introduces both a conceptual and practical tools to start and continue gender mainstreaming into strategic and daily work.

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