What we do

Since 2001, UN Women (previously UNIFEM) has provided continues support to partners in Georgia to increase meaningful participation of women in conflict prevention, transformation, resolution and sustainable peacebuilding processes. Learn more

UN Women works jointly with the Government and non-state partners towards the overarching goal of ending violence against women and girls (EVAWG) in Georgia. Learn more

Increasing evidence confirms that the achievement of the global 2030 Agenda with its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not be possible without the acceleration of women’s economic empowerment. Learn more

In the frameworks of EU funded IAGE program, UN Women supports data collection on the needs of vulnerable groups of women among national minorities, imprisoned and formerly imprisoned, internally displaced and conflict-affected women, also among women residing in isolated mountainous areas. In parallel to identifying the needs of these groups, IAGE focuses on capacity building of civil society representatives, advocates for gender sensitive policymaking, and supports the capacity development of... Learn more

In intergovernmental forums at the United Nations, Member States come together to debate and seek agreement on global gender equality norms and standards. Learn more

When different parts of the multilateral system act together, they can deliver greater results—and maximize the use of scarce resources. Within the UN system, UN Women is mandated to lead, promote and coordinate efforts to advance the full realization of women’s rights and opportunities. Learn more