Violence Against Women in Politics in Georgia

Violence Against Women in Politics in Georgia - cover

While women’s equal rights to political participation have a legal basis in the Constitution of Georgia and other national legislative acts and are reinforced through country’s international commitments, attaining gender equality and women’s increased participation in the political life of the country remains a key challenge for the achievement of gender equality as well as for broader sustainable development agenda; women's meaningful participation and access to political power are still linked to various structural and systemic barriers within political players and processes, violence against women being one them.

This publication represents the findings of a national survey on the violence against women in politics in Georgia, gathering the experiences of women in politics in Georgia. Namely, it examines the factors that facilitate and/or obstruct women’s engagement in politics, including the forms of violence against women in politics, women’s experiences with seeking support, and the impact of violence on women’s engagement in politics and leadership.

The publication was produced within the UN Joint Programme for Gender Equality with the financial support of Sweden.

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