Access to Justice for Internally Displaced and Ethnic Minority Women


The aim of the final study has been to obtain and analyze information regarding the legal situation and social and economic needs of IDP and ethnic minority women, to compare it to the baseline study conducted in 2013 and thus document the process of change and provide clear evidence on the project’s contribution and impact to advancing access to justice of IDP and ethnic minority women. The study was conducted in six target locations of the project: Gori, Kutaisi, Marneuli, Rustavi, Tbilisi and Zugdidi.

The study tool was a questionnaire. Ethnic minority women (18 years and older) in Marneuli and IDP women in Rustavi, Gori, Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Tbilisi cities were surveyed. The sample size was 700 (500 IDP women and 200 ethnic minority women). Multistage certified (cluster) sampling was applied which is characterized by representativeness of geographic and demographic characteristics.

The studywas commissioned by UN Women Project “Women for Equality, Peace and Development” (WEPD II), funded by the Government of Norway. The survey was conducted in September-November 2015.

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