Mainstreaming Gender into National Planning and Budgeting Processes

Photo: UN Women/Justyna Melnikiewicz

Mainstreaming of gender into national planning and budgeting processes is an emerging area of UN Women’s work in Georgia. In 2013-2014 the office collected data on the needs of vulnerable groups of women belonging to ethnic minorities, imprisoned and formerly imprisoned, internally displaced and conflict-affected women, also among women residing in isolated mountainous areas. The findings and recommendation of these needs assessment greatly inform UN Women policy dialogue with relevant state-partners to strengthen gender mainstreaming into national planning and budgeting processes.

The evidence generated through these studies have also formed partnership platform for UN Women and civil society organizations that advocate for better reflection of women’s rights and gender equality priorities into national and local level policies, programs and budgets. Gender Responsive Budgeting has been also introduced and actively applied by UN Women and its partners among the municipal governments and grassroots communities in Zugdidi, Sachkhere, Tetritskaro, Marneuli and Gori.  

UN Women Georgia office is especially grateful to the government of Norway and the European Union for supporting the organization’s work in Georgia in this direction.