Failure - A step to success: Women entrepreneurs share their experience at Fuckup Nights

Date: Monday, July 26, 2021

One of the participants of Fuckup Nights Batumi, Nino Gigineishvili, shares her experience to the audience. Photo: Liberty Bank
One of the Participants of Fuckup Nights Batumi, Nino Gigineishvili, shares her experience to the audience. Photo: Liberty Bank

What is a failure that, in reality, signifies taking a step towards success and strong motivation? With the support of UN Women, women entrepreneurs shared their experiences on this matter with an audience on 26 July in Batumi at the popular events series Fuckup Nights.

The event, organized by Tbilisi Startup Büro, consisted of presentations by four women entrepreneurs. Through the stories they told to the attendees, they once again displayed the obstacles they had overcome in their business pursuits and tried to motivate other women with their personal examples. After the speakers’ speeches, a panel discussion was held, during which the women entrepreneurs also answered audience questions.

“I am happy because I am doing a job that I love very much,” said one of the speakers, Nino Gigineishvili, who has been working on the development of several brands. “Today, my participation in this event gave me the opportunity to see myself from a different perspective. It was a great experience for me. In addition, I have been inspired to share my experience with more people in future and to stimulate them, as this kind of motivation is something we all need. I would like to tell women entrepreneurs that despite failure, they should never give up and should keep moving towards the goals that they set [for themselves].”

Positive examples and stories about overcoming difficulties are often a great source of motivation, especially when it comes to women’s entrepreneurship. That is why UN Women keenly supports activities aimed at sharing experiences.

The global movement Fuckup Nights is one of them. With its help, people have the opportunity to tell their own stories of professional failure. It started in 2012 in Mexico and is currently running in 90 countries and 320 cities around the world. Once a month, three or four speakers gather in different places and share the stories of their professional failures with different audiences. It is an experience that helps people make sure that a failure is not the end; on the contrary, it is a positive experience, especially as sometimes the best stories start with seemingly wrong decisions.

Fuckup Nights Batumi was supported by Liberty Bank, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom South Caucasus, Grant Thornton Georgia and Blue Ocean, as well as the following media organizations: Forbes Georgia, Entrepreneur Georgia,, and