Police Academy of Georgia Launches Training on Gender Equality


The Police academy students participating in the training on gender equality
Photo: Police Academy

The Police Academy of Georgia is piloting a series of training on gender equality, for the students of its special professional educational programmes (for future district and patrol police officers). The training were developed with the support of UN Women (within the framework of the UN Joint Programme to Enhance Gender Equality in Georgia (UNJP)) in close collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. The course is being delivered by Nodar Saakashvili, the Head of the Patrol Police Faculty of the Police Academy and Irina Zhvania, UN Women consultant. The course will introduce the students to concepts of gender, gender equality and gender equality policy framework.

Upon completion of the four pilot training sessions, the training module will be integrated into the special professional educational programmes for the patrol and district police inspectors of the Police Academy. The goal of the training is to enhance the knowledge of future police officers on equality before the law and principles of non-discrimination, by introducing them to relevant international commitments and domestic acts of law.

In addition, the training also seeks to increase the awareness and understanding police officers have of gender issues, to enable law enforcement officers to prevent this fundamental human right being infringed while carrying out their professional duties.